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Inspiration. Tendency.
Originality. Audacity.

A new brand image
at the height of customer service

Decorator, host, columnist and woman of influence, Valérie Taillefer called on the Mac Media Agency to create the brand image of her new blog. The goal? Have a platform to share ideas, inspirations and workshops in the form of recipes, DIY creations, and more.

Rebrand & design

A branding strategy that combines originality and audacity: just like our client

A woman of influence, Valérie Taillefer demonstrates femininity, confidence and audacity to the general public. It is therefore by following this perspective that our artistic direction and our graphic designers have created a brand image at the height of his person. A simplistic logo, but that speaks a lot. Inviting colors and up to date. In short, an achievement of which we are all very proud.


Website design
& development

An inspiring site to follow
all the latest trends

For the creation of Valérie Taillefer's website, our teams of graphic designers and integrators worked on the creation of a blog in the image of the woman of influence. Simple, but original, the site includes several sections that allow users to easily navigate through inviting pages and learn about the topics that interest them. A mix of blog articles, videos and workshops are there for all lovers of well-being and news. Valérie Taillefer even presented our creation on the show Salut, Bonjour! on TVA.

VT Agence Mac Media (2)
VT Agence Mac Media (2)
850 satisfied customers. 850 satisfied customers.
850 satisfied customers.