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Launching a brand,
one cocktail at a time

Making a Quebec brand shine on all digital platforms

Odevi Cocktails, a Quebec-based company, commissioned us to create a strategy for sales and notoriety. The goal? Develop a conversion strategy across multiple channels in order to increase return on investment for the new brand. Below is a glimpse into each team's mandate.

Advertising campaigns

Campaigns with a summery look

Colorful, bright, and making you wish it were summer all year long, Odevi's social media campaigns have allowed them to reach a completely new audience. With a clear and unique brand image, we were able to create campaigns that set the company apart from its competitors. Throughout the entire mandate, our marketing team was responsible for the global media strategy, the visual creation and the placement of ads.


Discovering the brand thanks to a virtual assistant

Odevi created a chatbot that acts as both a virtual assistant and an information office. By analyzing postal codes of interested parties, it allows clients to discover a brand, sign up for their newsletter, learn about promotions, and find points of sale. All this simply through automated Facebook messages.

Creation of a CRM

Marketing automation on another level

We recommended Hubspot Marketing to Odevi in order to facilitate their sales leads and automate their marketing, without having to do it all manually. Using this platform, we can now send satisfaction surveys to their clients, personalize newsletters, and make the client experience even more seamless. The goal: retain the entirety of their database.

*Afin de protéger les données de nos clients, nous avons utilisé des images libres de droit dans le but de vous présenter l'interface.

850 satisfied customers. 850 satisfied customers.
850 satisfied customers.