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Strong locks, strong advertising strategies

A trusting relationship, just like their products

AMP Lock gave us the mission to increase their online sales and develop a new market. Our different departments collaborated in order to fulfill this exciting mandate. To do so, they worked on different advertising campaigns, they created and refreshed their website constantly, and they worked on a complete SEO strategy.

Website design
& development

A trendy website to stay on top of the industry

Every year, our web department updates and refreshes AMP Lock's website to make sure it follows the latest trends and is still optimal in terms of user experience. Since the business has a very wide and specific inventory, we created a tool that allows customers to pick the lock most adapted to their vehicle. This way, they'll be in a position to safely secure their property, stress free.

Advertising campaigns

Selling niche products has never been easier

As a company that offers very niche products and serves a clientele spread all over North America, AMP Locks wanted to advertise itself on all social platforms. Our marketing experts developed creative and innovative strategies in order to propell the company to the next level on a highly competitive market. Today, AMP Lock's products can be found everywhere on the Facebook Store and Google Shopping. To push things a bit further, we also advertised their products on the Amazon Store. From the design of the ads, to the SEO optimization, we made sure that AMP Lock was everywhere online.


Recommending the right products through an automated conversation

On top of that, our experts have also built a personalized chatbot that allows customers to find the right lock to protect their possession. The conversational bot answers questions, recommend the right products, and redirect them to the website where they have the opportunity to purchase their item.

850 satisfied customers. 850 satisfied customers.
850 satisfied customers.