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A new structure for sustainable balconies

Impeccable branding for high quality products

Balcon Idéal mandated us to redesign their website to enhance user experience. Our web team has worked in collaboration with our software team to offer them a brand new platform that was easy to use and that allowed customers to personalize their new products 100% independently from the website.

Website design
& development

A website that inspires dreamy outdoor design

Balcon Idéal's new website has been specifically conceived to sell their products, all the while promoting user experience. We built a website that follows their branding, that's easy to navigate, and that continuously inspires their customers to change their outdoor design.

SEO referencing

A very profitable referencing

A lot of businesses would rather go with an organic marketing strategy than a paid one on search engines. Even if the results take a bit more time to kick in, they are undeniably more profitable in the long-run. At Agence Mac Média, we work with different SEO strategies to propel businesses everywhere on search engines. This is how our web department has allowed Balcon Idéal to rank in the first results on Google with different keywords, without an advertising budget. That's what we like to see.

Creation of a CRM

Improving productivity through automation processes

We wanted to help Balcon Idéal increase its productivity, so our CRM department created and implemented a new customer relation management platform within the business. This allows the company to save a lot of time dedicated to administrative and customer related tasks. The objective was to offer them a way to regroup and automate all of their processes related to customer care. They also mandated us to centralize all of the sales information in one single database in order to reduce the human risk factor. To put it simply, Balcon Idéal now works with a platform that automate customer acquisition, order intake, contract signature, and so much more.

*Afin de protéger les données de nos clients, nous avons utilisé des images libres de droit dans le but de vous présenter l'interface.

ERP implantation

All internal processes combined in one single plarform

For Balcon Idéal, our experts worked on the implementation of a ERP software. The goal was fairly simple: unload their employees' schedules by optimizing interanl management and all administrative tasks. The biggest challenge was to centralize everything under one single platform as it is very thorough process, that requires meticulous attention to details. All of their departments had to be taken into consideration in the process: sales, accounting, inventory, shipping and delivery, as well as the production.

850 satisfied customers. 850 satisfied customers.
850 satisfied customers.