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A project that’s travelled all across the province

Many years of collaboration, many projects together

We've been working with Alco VR's team for a little while now. Throughout the years, they've trusted us with many of their digital projects that we are always so thrilled to realize.

Website design
& development

Two websites rather than one

Our web team has worked on the first rebranding of Alco's wbsite a few years ago. Considering the business' solid success, our experts built and added new features and automations to the website. Not even a year later, we had to rebuild the entire website so it could support those new features. Today, Alco's website includes their full 1000+ VR inventory, a quote request system, as well as a platform to book appointments. The website is inviting, easy to navigate, follows the latest trends, and is also super practical for camping enthusiats.

SEO referencing

From Laval to everywhere

While we were working on Alco's website rebranding, we were also mandated to improve their organic presence on search engines. The objective was very ambitious, but nothing is ever too big for our experts. Today, you can find the Laval company on the first page of Google all across Québec, regardless of where you are located.

Content creation

Camping rhymes with
new staging

Every year, we run marketing campaigns with our own personalized content that follows the latest trends as well as Alco's branding. When comes summer time, our teams are always super thrilled to produce visual content in a variety of environments. Subsequently, this material allows us to produce refreshed and up-to-date marketing campaigns for the company.

Advertising campaigns

Summery strategies promoting local travels

Not only do we optimize and refresh the Alco VR website often, our teams also work on the company's advertising strategies. Our goal is to increase their quote requests and the sale of RVs online. Through photo and video ads that promote local trips, our campaigns allow the company to get the results it deserves, in addition to contributing to tourism in Québec.


M. Alco selling RV through Facebook

The chatbot we designed for Alco VR does everything it has to do to inform their customers. Indeed, it can take a look at the inventory and fill them in on the availabilities, make an online quote on their behalf, it can send them contests and promotions, and so much more. Thanks to an API that makes the connection between the bot and the website, Alco's customers have access to the complete inventory through a conversation on Messenger.

Creation of a CRM

Facilitate sales processes with a unified platform

Since Alco's success keeps on growing, we have implemented a customer relationship management platform to centralize their database and marketing offensives. As a result, all of their sales processes and lead inflows end up in one single place. In addition, the HubSpot CRM allows us to follow the progress of all our marketing efforts in real time, regardless of what platform they were built on.

*Afin de protéger les données de nos clients, nous avons utilisé des images libres de droit dans le but de vous présenter l'interface.

ERP implantation

Super easy RV rental

This year, we have implemented a software on Alco's website in order to facilitate their online trailer rentals offer. Our programming team has built a platform that allows Alco VR's customers to plan their vacation easily: in just a few clicks, they're all set to go.

850 satisfied customers. 850 satisfied customers.
850 satisfied customers.