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Escape to our little corner
of countries uniquely.

from a Quebec company
from A to Z

We have worked with EVÄD Overland from the very beginning of its creation. The unique concept of jeep and 4x4 trailer camping really inspired us to put in place a placement strategy and the creation of a website that would showcase the services offered by the company. The whole team was super motivated and very excited to work on a project like this.

Rebrand & design

The creation of a brand image that did not exist

What a great mandate, EVÄD gave us! Being a brand new company, it therefore had no online presence or notoriety. Our creative orientation team has been involved in creating a complete brand image: logo creation, choice of writing, graphic charter and visual direction. Subsequently, the feed of the Facebook and Instagram pages was able to follow this new brand image for the creation of its organic publications.

Evad Orverland - Agence Mac Media
Evad Orverland - Agence Mac Media (9)

Website design
& development

A website that inspires
to go on an adventure

Thanks to the brand new website we have created for EVÄD, customers can learn more about the different vehicles offered, the equipment included, the rates and rental availability. In short, everything you need to know before setting off on an adventure! We've focused on ease of navigation, inviting branding and unique design to offer customers an easy way to book their dream vacation, 100% online.

Evad Orverland - Agence Mac Media
Evad Orverland - Agence Mac Media (8)

Building an online
booking system

Book your vacation online
has never been so easy!

Our web experts have also worked on the integration of an external online booking platform. Once visitors are ready to go, they can choose the dates they want, the vehicle they want, and the extras they want to add. In a few clicks and it's booked!

Evad Orverland - Agence Mac Media
Evad Orverland - Agence Mac Media
Evad Orverland - Agence Mac Media

Social Media

Simplicity and escape: the watchwords
for our investment strategy

After putting the website online, we obviously had a mandate to promote the brand on the various social platforms. Our marketing department has therefore implemented a strategy that combines creativity and originality. Inviting and representative visuals of the company, combined with descriptive editorials that encourage action. The campaigns were so successful that even Narcity wrote about it in an article. You can just consult it here!

Search Engine

Search engine results
who speak for themselves

We also worked on additional digital efforts by creating a Google Ads campaign. Our marketing experts have put together a successful campaign, which has allowed the company to gain strong notoriety, and by extension, an excellent reputation. Today, the company has a 5-star score and the reviews on Google are all extremely gratifying.

850 satisfied customers. 850 satisfied customers.
850 satisfied customers.