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Digital support to move away from the traditional.

Adapting to the digital reality of today

In the past, the federated COOP Sollio Group Cooperative entrusted Agence Mac Média to assist them in the digital development of their organisation. In fact, our mandate consisted of us taking on a consulting role to help them develop a digital marketing department and help them implement the necessary tools to do so.

360 digital

Coaching on another level

Today, operating independently, Sollio followed our recommendations to completely steer towards the digitisation of their internal processes. Prior, they were equipped with a traditional marketing and communications department that did not allow them to obtain unlimited digital results. It is thanks to a well thought out strategy, support along the duration of the process, the implementation of new tools, as well as the structuring of new marketing software that we were able to help the Sollio team transition toward the digital. After the implementation of the new technologies at the core of their organisation, our teams trained Sollio’s, as well as the VP, on the new features that would allow them to achieve new targets.

850 satisfied customers. 850 satisfied customers.
850 satisfied customers.