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Diving in various projects
with a local retailer

Partnering up with a leader of the pool industry in all of its digital offensives

Trévi is one of AMM's oldest clients. Working in collaboration with their teams on various projects is always a true delight for us. As a leader in the pool industry in Québec, Trévi constsantly mandates us of ambitious projects with promising results. At AMM, we live and breath Trévi every day!

Website design
& development

Maximizing Trévi's digital presence during partnerships

Trévi made a special appearance in the marketing of the popular event Illumi, by Cavalia. In order to put their products forward, they trusted our web department to produce 8 landing pages. To do so, our experts created different QR codes that people could easily scan at the event. Thereafter, they would be redirected towards the landing pages, which offered promotional coupons when they'd completed the form. This event allowed Trévi to expend its notoriety with a new clientele.

SEO referencing

A name that's dominating the search engines

Thanks to our expertise in natural and paid referencing, Trévi is always on Google's first page of results, no matter which keyword is used. Their website, their SEO strategy as well as their Google Search and Display ads campaigns are optimized every month to guarantee outstanding results.

Advertising campaigns

Digital campaigns that convert

Our marketing team is always happy to be assisting Trévi in most of their marketing campaigns. This includes the creation of audiences, the distribution of their advertising budget on different platforms, as well as the conception of strategies that truly convert. We think it's safe to say that we love to build marketing campaigns!


A virtual assistant that works 24/7

Trévi's chatbot is probably one of our proudest realizations! A complex, but oh-so-efficient conversational bot that sells, answers questions, sends ads, and gives information to customers, all from a Facebook or Instagram conversation. The most interesting part in all that, is that it works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This bot will become your greatest ally to manage your customer relations, all the while following your branding. A must in any digital strategy!

Creation of a CRM

A customized tool to manage customer relations

Our programming team has been working on the creation of a customized CRM that can be used on mobile and desktop. Conceptualized entirely by our software experts, this app is designed to meet Trévi's unique needs by facilitating the business' internal mangement processes. The app includes a customer satisfaction survey automated system, an intranet for their employees, as well as a sales management system, to name a few.

Customized software

A brand new 100% automated customer service platform

Never a dull moment with Trévi as a client! Following the creation of a customized CRM and chatbot, we pushed our mission a bit further by programming a virtual customer relations assistant. In order to hasten Trévi's service during high periods, we took care of automating some of their processes, which include service calls and technician requests, to name a few. Our experts designed, programmed, and implemented the software in the organization, before transferring all of their existing data. This new addition now allows Trévi to manage their customers' requests 24/7.


Tight deadlines never scared us

Adding an e-commerce to a business strategy is always a good idea. For Trévi, it was the pandemic that allowed that idea to take shape. And of course, our web department had to collaborate on that project. With stores closure right before the high season, we had very little time and a very tight deadline to create a new temporary platform that would allow customers to purchase items without having to come in store. This online boutique allowed Trévi to increase sales performance, despite the lockdown. Our teams then worked in collaboration with Trévi's in the conception of a brand new online boutique, which is still active on their website.

850 satisfied customers. 850 satisfied customers.
850 satisfied customers.