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au resto

There is nothing more Québécois
than a Quebec poutine.

Promoting a brand that is
100% Québécois

Poutine Comme Au Resto is the first 100% Québécois frozen poutine. Winners of the DUX prize in 2017 for breakthrough products that inspire Canadians to eat better, Poutine comme au resto is without a doubt a pioneer in frozen poutines thanks to their innovative formula. Launched near the end of 2016, we oversaw finding various ways to promote this new brand online in an original and impressive way.

a new branding

The creation of a brand image for a business from here

As a new business, Poutine comme au resto did not have a brand image of their own before their launch. Our teams worked on their axis of communication to be sure to properly present them to their future consumers. Proudly Québécois, the logo is representative of La Belle Province thanks to a “cabane a sucre” light hearted and humorous allusion.

Social Media

A humorous approach target a Quebecois audience

Our teams also worked on managing organic content on Poutine comme au Resto’s Facebook page. With funny ads, memes, as well as organising a contest, our marketing team had a blast managing the content and community of this page, which now boasts over 18 000 18,000 followers.

Social Media

A winning investment

After the creation of a brand image and sharing the original content on social media, our experts pushed Poutine comme au Resto’s strategies even further by organising profitable publicity campaigns which allowed the business to be discovered. Further, this helped them obtain the public vote for the DUX contest in 2017, beating the record for number of votes globally. This contest that recognizes its leaders in food innovation, is well recognized in the food industry. Poutine comme au resto is proud to offer an alternative to restaurant poutine.

850 satisfied customers. 850 satisfied customers.
850 satisfied customers.