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A 360 degree digital strategy

New establishment, new online presence

Brand new business, brand new establishment, brand new services… Obviously, a new online presence was in order for Libre Entreposage. The Beloeil business specializes in the rental of high end and high tech storage rooms. We were therefore mandated to build them a 360 digital strategy to offer, but also to promote their services online. This is what our various teams worked on.

a new branding

Storing your brand image
on a virtual platform

As a brand new business, we had to start from zero for everything. For Libre Entreposage, our creative direction team's mandate was to create a logo, a graphic charter, and direct them in a choice of typography that worked well with the services offered all while respecting the in depth analysis of the business and the market research that was put in place.

Website design
& development

A pledge to security
one page at a time

Just like their services demonstrate, Libre Entreposage is committed to safety and trust. Our web experts then thus created a web site that well represents the services provided by the business, all while maintaining its easy and familiar approach. A website that instills confidence, style, and of course with a touch of high-tech.

Building a virtual

Is it time to pack the boxes?

Do you know the size of the warehouse needed for the number of boxes you have to store? We have created a tool that can estimate the necessary size and space needed for the items that Libre Entreposage clients wish to store. This virtual estimator was integrated into the clients website to facilitate the selling process as well as improve the user experience.

SEO referencing

Introducing the services to the general public

Once the brand image was created and the website was put online with all its new features, we created an organic referencing strategy to allow for a long-term presence on various search engines. Thanks to local SEO, our web team allowed the business to be found on the first search pages associated with several search terms, within a radius of several kilometers on the South Shore.

Social Media

Original investment strategies that make you want to store

For ads on social platforms, our marketing department has opted for campaigns that combine creativity and humor to pique the curiosity of users. This is a successful strategy, and one that always yields out-of-the-ordinary results. Let's face it… they almost make us want to move just to be able to store!

Search Engine

Campaigns that put the company forward

Libre Entreposage had given us the mission of achieving a certain number of conversions over a period of one year… Our marketing team achieved this annual objective in the space of only 3 months. Since then, our experts have made sure to make the right monthly optimizations to ensure consistency and maximization of results on Google ads campaigns.


A conversational robot that does not hesitate to convert

The conversational robot being perfectly adapted to the services offered by Libre Entreposage, our experts have therefore put together an ideal strategy for several aspects. Indeed, the automated conversation allows customers to choose the right warehouse for their needs, answer their questions, and more. The chatbot has been designed so smoothly that users feel like they are talking to one of their customer service agents.

Customized software

Reserve your warehouse online independently, it is possible

In order to continue our 360 service offer as it should, our software department has focused its efforts on the design and implementation of a tailor-made online reservation system. As a result, visitors have access to warehouse availability in real time, to all its details and also have the possibility of booking online independently.

850 satisfied customers. 850 satisfied customers.
850 satisfied customers.