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Hot Dog
& cie

Share a meal with
your canine companion.

A new brand image for a unique concept in Quebec

Hot Dog & co allows dogs to come and enjoy a moment of serenity in a trendy café-bistro with (or without!) their owner. This unique concept in Quebec allows dog owners to enjoy a meal while their canine companion can get groomed or simply enjoy the dog park. The new owner contacted us to rework the brand image while maintaining the relationship built with clients by the other business.

Rebrand & design

New owners,
new branding, same satisfaction

Previously named Hot Dog Café, the restaurant with new ownership wished to change their branding while maintaining the sense of belonging with its clients. In line with the ideas that our creative orientation experts created with the new logo, we created a graphic charter, the typography, and the redesign of their menu, all while following the new brand image of this Brossard company.

Hot dog & cie
850 satisfied customers. 850 satisfied customers.
850 satisfied customers.