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Reinventing oneself
in a digital world

Transitioning to the digital to obtain optimal results during the college’s open house

We are honoured to have worked with the Collège Saint-Paul team for their digital migration. We accompanied the private college located in Varennes during a ephemeral campaign for the establishment’s open house. With a very niche clientele, we had to be sure to target the right people in order to attract potential students from the region.

360 marketing

Converting a traditional department to digital

Collège Saint-Paul did not have a marketing department in 2017, it was the professors that took charge of advertising alongside school activities. So, they called upon our expertise to help them create a 360 marketing campaign which would allow them to increase the number of visitors attending their next open house. Our marketing department took charge of creating placement campaigns, as well as the organic management of their Facebook page. Then, our teams trained theirs in order to develop their independence for the next campaigns.

During the creation of the marketing campaign, we targeted specific Facebook users in order to reach a population that resides near college de Varennes, as opposed to tourists to the city. It is by tracking bus routes to find people who lived in the area that our team proceeded with a detailed strategy, which allowed the establishment to host many interested parties at their event.

850 satisfied customers. 850 satisfied customers.
850 satisfied customers.