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Bringing customers’ dream ideas to life

Ride the wave of a growing business

For Aluminum Distinction, one of our mandates was to create a digital platform to allow customers to discover their range of high-end products. Specialist in the creation and installation of balconies, ramps and outdoor stairs, the company had to revolutionize itself in order to allow interested parties to visualize their dream decor from the comfort of their living room.

SEO referencing

A complementary strategy to increase its results

In parallel to their SEM placement strategy, Aluminum Distinction has opted to add an organic SEO strategy on search engines, commonly known as SEO. Having two different strategies on the same platform meant that the company was more likely to impact browser decisions by landing on the first page multiple times.

Social Media

Inspire to enhance outdoor living spaces

Thanks to a well-executed marketing placement strategy, quote requests increased by more than 185% compared to the previous year. Our team's mission was to create campaigns that inspire you to give your ramps, balconies, or outdoor stairs a makeover. It is by presenting Aluminum Distinction as a distributor that inspires trust and has a family spirit that we have accomplished our marketing efforts on various social platforms.

Search Engine

Conquer search engines with good ad placement

When it comes to paid ads on search engines, our marketing experts opted for a strategy that combines Google Display and Google Search. Even though these are two different options that have distinct purposes, the combination was on point to allow for optimal results. We designed a campaign focusing on geolocation and precise keyword research extended across Quebec for maximum visibility.


Generate new customers automatically

In addition to all our promotional and marketing offensive efforts, our experts have created a chatbot that takes care of asking questions in order to add users to their database and collect quote requests. Thanks to a complete analysis of the business needs, the KPIs to be respected and the desired objectives, our CRM team created a personalized chatbot which allowed to obtain a conversion rate of 63%, and this, only thanks to the messages automated from it.

Creation of a CRM

Integrate multiple retailers into one platform

Aluminum Distinction is the distributor for more than 50 different retailers. It goes without saying that good organization was essential. Thanks to their new customer relationship management platform, the company is therefore able to centralize all its customers, both in B2B and B2C. In addition, it can sort them according to their business needs, and create a well-organized database for all companies combined. It's now easier to bring together and structure all of their sales processes, invoicing, marketing efforts and more.

*Afin de protéger les données de nos clients, nous avons utilisé des images libres de droit dans le but de vous présenter l'interface.

Customized software

An exterior railing customization tool for customers

For Aluminum Distinction and its retailers, our team had the mandate to build a custom tool allowing all customers to customize their ramps without having to leave home. This is how the “Clique ton Style” platform was born. Customers can choose railings suited to their outdoor environment, including style, location, components, and all other relevant details.

850 satisfied customers. 850 satisfied customers.
850 satisfied customers.