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Offering a unique
reservation experience

Differentiating from other chain restaurants

Known for its western theme, Jack saloon is a Quebec restaurant chain that is very popular with millennials. With approximately ten locations, Jack Saloon stands out with their young, inviting approach and unique concept. In spite of their popularity, the challenge was finding ways to encourage diners to visit the restaurant during the pandemic. It was then up to our teams to find a way to allow clients to reserve tables quickly and easily.

Advertising campaigns

Increasing the number of dining room reservations in a virtual way

Although some restaurants reopened their dining rooms during the lockdown, some were still reluctant to gather in public spaces. Because of this, we had to find an original way to invite our guests, and still ensure health and safety precautions are in place to keep everyone safe. Due to a worthy campaign on social media featuring the chatbot, for which our marketing department designed visuals and attractive edits, in addition to constant optimisation for proper functioning, we managed to achieve such a high level of success. An increase in reservations was calculated at $3 per reservation due to this campaign.


Reserving your seat in a completely automated way

As a way to make the hosts' job of making table reservations easier, we built a customized chatbot that allowed consumers to book their table through the chatbot directly, via Messenger. Clients were then able to choose the time slot they desired and the reservation was automatically added to the restaurant's system using the Libro platform. Talk about convenience!

850 satisfied customers. 850 satisfied customers.
850 satisfied customers.