A marketing strategy will ensure that you are absolutely everywhere and constantly in the back of your prospect's mind. Our experts guarantee outstanding results that will put your brand on another level. Do you know what a real 360 marketing department is? Take a look at our various services, we'll adjust to your needs.

Social Media Management

A social presence that builds and grows customer loyalty

Nowadays, being present on social media is crucial in order to create a good marketing strategy and develop a notoriety.

Our Marketing team knows what’s trendy and what works: they’ll make sure that you shine amongst your biggest competitors by creating creative and original content calendars, tailor-made for your business.

This way, you'll be able to transform your prospects into loyal customers as well as bringing newcomers to your business.

Social Media Marketing

An investment strategy that increases your conversion rate

Digital advertising on social media is the most efficient marketing offensive strategy, even more than the traditional techniques.

Social Media Marketing, or SMM, allows you to get instant results, to analyze them in real time, and apply the changes necessary to optimize your campaigns according to your KPIs in just a few hours, whatever your budget may be!

Don't worry about anything, our experts got you covered! Focus your marketing efforts and advertising budget where it should: on social platforms.

Content creation

Unique and dynamic content creation, for all of your social platforms

Content creation is the base of all our creative services. As professional marketers, we have the eye for details and all of the necessary tools to offer quality service for all of your photo and video projects. By opting for this service, you can guarantee consistency in the scheduling of your publications. The best in all that? You don’t even have to do it yourself, because we do it for you!

Newsletters & broadcasts

Advertise your products and services through personalized emails

Email marketing is an offensive strategy that aims at building your customer loyalty by offering them personalized and personal emails, as well as mass mailing strategy on Facebook.

If you’re looking to promote a contest, a new promotion or simply thank your customer for their trust, this is the perfect way to make them feel appreciated.

Influencer Marketing

An additional strategy to improve your results

The more time goes, influencer marketing is becoming an absolute necessity to include in your social media marketing strategy.

Just by associating your brand with highly reputable content creators that will promote your business, your results could significantly improve.

Our Marketing department knows the right people to build a successful influencer campaign that will increase your online visibility, thus great results.

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Search Engine Marketing

Increase your competitiveness with advertising campaigns on search engines

Search Engine Marketing is a very thorough strategy that consists in broadcasting ads on Google.

By using bidding and cost per click tools, a Google campaign will allow you to put your business before your competitors when a prospect searches keywords related to your services.

Our experts know all the tips and tricks to guarantee good returns on investment, an interesting conversion rate, and of course, more traffic on your website.


A conversational bot that manages the entirety of your operations

Conversational marketing is THE newest trend on the market. Agence Mac Média is proud to be a pioneer in Québec by being the first agency to offer the implementation of chatbots for its clients. When we say that chatbots have no secrets for us, we sure mean it!

Chatbots serve many purposes, but they are specially notorious for interacting with your prospects, as well as collecting important data to convert them into loyal customers.

Moreover, they make you save up to 50% of your time allocated to customer service and they can send advertisement and promotion to your followers. They can even sell your products and services through a conversation on Facebook!

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