Our solution to ensure adequate and unified customer service relations. A CRM will help you increase the conversion rate coming from your potential clients, as well as enhance the loyalty of your existing clientele. Plus, it will make you save up to 50% of your time allocated to administrative tasks.

Creating a CRM Hubspot

A tool meant to organize and regroup your data

Hubspot is the best tool on the market to help your business grow. Its goal? Structure, regroup and organize your database. In addition, it centralizes all of your marketing and sales offensives through an automation process. By adding a CRM to your digital strategy, your internal processes are 100% automated, which increasingly reduces the human factor risk, and help you manage your clients’ requests.

Attract new prospects towards the entirety of your services, and enhance your current clientele's loyalty with this all-in-one platform. From strangers to prospects to loyal customers... to brand promotors. The future of your business is here.

Our different steps

01. The mapping

The mapping is a crucial step for our team to understand your business. Our experts will analyze the core of your operations, your sales processes, and your organization chart in order to set the automations necessary to make you gain a lot of time.

02. The programmation

The programmation is the most complex step of the CRM project. It consists in setting up all of the internal processes and operational streams determined at the mapping stage so that your automations are 100% up and running.

03. The implementation & formation

The implementation of the CRM and the formation of your different departments are executed simultaneously in order to reduce their adjustment period. Our team will make sure to launch the software, support your super-users and train your different departments until you are 100% satisfied with the result.

Speed up the development of your business with a 360 Hubspot strategy


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